Rath Yatra
  1. Rath Yatra: July 2, 2024
  2. Guru Purnima: July 16, 2024
  3. Raksha Bandhan: August 15, 2024
  4. Krishna Janmashtami: August 23, 2024
  5. Ganesh Chaturthi: September 2, 2024
  6. Navratri: September 29 – October 7, 2024
  7. Dussehra: October 7, 2024
  8. Diwali: October 27, 2024
  9. Eid al-Fitr: November 20, 2024
  10. Christmas: December 25, 2024

Rath Yatra observed on July 2, 2024, is a vibrant Hindu festival where huge chariots carry idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra through the streets. Devotees pull the chariots amidst chants, dances, and offerings, symbolizing unity and devotion.

Guru Purnima on July 16, 2024, is a day to honor spiritual and academic teachers. Followers express gratitude through prayers, offerings, and seeking blessings. It’s a time for introspection, learning, and celebrating the guidance and wisdom imparted by gurus.

Raksha Bandhan on August 15, 2024, celebrates the bond between siblings. Sisters tie rakhi threads on their brothers’ wrists, symbolizing love and protection. Brothers offer gifts and promise lifelong care. The day fosters family unity and affection.

raksha bandhan
On the festival of Raksha Bandhan/Bhai Dooj, beautiful elder sister putting tika on her brother’s forehead – happy moment.

Ganesh Chaturthi on September 2, 2024, marks the birth of Lord Ganesha. Devotees install elaborately crafted idols, offer prayers, and perform rituals for several days. The festival culminates in grand processions with colorful decorations, music, dance, and immersion of Ganesha idols in water bodies.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Navratri from September 29 to October 7, 2024, is a nine-night festival dedicated to Goddess Durga. Each night, different forms of the goddess are worshipped through music, dance, fasting, and vibrant celebrations, culminating in Dussehra’s victory over evil.

Durga Puja

Dussehra on October 7, 2024, symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It commemorates Lord Rama’s triumph over Ravana. Effigies of Ravana, Meghnad, and Kumbhakaran are burned, signifying the triumph of righteousness and the end of darkness.


Diwali on October 27, 2024, is the festival of lights celebrated with joy and fervor. Homes and streets are decorated with lamps, rangoli, and fireworks. Families gather, exchange gifts, share sweets, and offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and happiness.

Happy Diwali

Eid al-Fitr on November 20, 2024, marks the end of Ramadan’s month-long fasting for Muslims. It’s a day of thanksgiving, prayer, and feasting with family and friends. People dress in festive attire, exchange gifts, and give to the less fortunate, fostering unity and generosity.

Eid al-Fitr

Christmas on December 25, 2024, celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a time of joy, love, and giving, marked by decorations, carols, feasts, and the exchange of gifts. Families and communities come together to share in the spirit of peace and goodwill.

 Marry Christmas

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